Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Touched By Fire

Martin d’Orgeval's book ‘Touched by Fire’ is a collection of photographs that are both tragic and so beautiful.
As many of you may know on February 1st, 2008 at five in the morning, a fire burned through Deyrolle, the famous Parisienne collections of natural history.
'The objects and the location form an entire work, the result of a strange, tragic process in which creation, conservation and destruction have followed on from one another – a process completed and given closure by photography.'
For me the photographs are so unique and wonderful, the colours so dark and rich, you can nearly smell the charred wood and the smoke stained walls. I do have to say that there is a definate sadness when you first see the photos but after a while you realise that the fire has created something of a romantic delicacy.
Jess x

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