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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I am back after a long but busy break! I have spent a lot of time trying to sort out what i want to do and where to do it!

In the three months that i have been "missing" i have got myself a job (a grown up one) working as a freelance textiles designer, i have moved into my new studio (nan and grandads spare room) where i have been busy drawing little bits and bobs for my job and myself also other exciting things have been popping up here and there but i have to wait to see how they pan out.

So at the moment im happy with the way things are going but as always im craving for more! Hopefully in the next few months i can get my printing equipment and get it up and running at my nans, but it all costs lots of pennies.

I will upload some images of my work today so that you can see what i have been up to, also i want to share with you all of the exciting things i have discovered lately that are keeping me inspired here on my own in the midlands!!

Oh and also i have one promise i want to keep to myself:

Jess x

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